Caprica, the prequel to the excellent 'Battlestar Galactica', begins in the UK on tuesday night. It'll be on Sky One at 9pm. Battlestar Galactica was a reboot of the 70s series, sometimes described as the West Wing in Space, it combined action with high politics, religion and a huge dose of entertainment. Though it had faults, it was a truly great piece of TV.

Caprica is set decades before Galactica begins, in a technologically more advanced society. It'll show how the Cylons came to be, and possibly (I hope) the conflict which lead the humans to limit their technology leading to the creation of the Galactica itself, with its 'antiquated' systems.

In SciFiWire, Esai Morales, the actor playing Joe Adama, described Caprica as "in part as Rich Man, Poor Man meets The Godfather meets Brave New World"

TVSpy and UKTV Guide have more information.

If Galactica is anything to go by, this should be good television. If setting your digibox, don't forget that it's two episodes!