A200: The First TMA Approaches

I'm into my first TMA for A200 now. I'm a little 'out of order' as I'm still reading about the Wars of the Roses, and have yet to start reading about Belief and religion in Burgundy, England and France which should precede the TMA - however, the TMA is something I can start on already, so.... The TMA comes in two sections. The first is a piece of textual analysis, the second looks at a painting and asks what we can learn from it as a historical source. Each section requires 500 words. I've written that for the painting, but I'll need to redraft somewhat as the balance of those words is wrong - I'm not giving enough emphasis to part of the question. When I've done that, I'll look at the textual part.

I'm enjoying the course, though I'm eating into the head start I build up at an alarming rate. I'm finding the Wars of the Roses quite involving, it's like a soap opera - lots of familial rivalry, with complex relationships to get my head around! The Wars of the Roses topic was due to start this weekend - today, in fact, so if I can finish the TMA and start reading the next topic, I shall be two weeks ahead (they've scheduled a week for the TMA - which is lovely).

This course has a lot going for it in terms of scheduling. OU courses can be relentless, with no time set aside for catchup. This can be dispiriting if time has slipped due to other commitments. Each TMA in this course has a week set aside - and this provides a little flexibility which I wish were present in other courses.

After the TMA, I move beyond France, England and Burgundy - The next major topic along is the European Reformation, then the wars of the three kingdoms.