Tennant to Smith

So, the Doctor is dead, long live the Doctor. David Tennant becomes Matt Smith. The end of time part one was a structural mess, all over the place with a flying and occasionally translucent master.

Part two was much better, but the regeneration.... Oh, my! The longest "death" sequence ever. C'mon RTD, you may have written 15 endings, but pick one - just one!

It was the Time Lord equivalent of a Shakespearean actor delivering a soliloquay with a sword in his gut, except that Tennant had just done a "wrath of Kahn" self sacrifice.

The ending(s) which followed his Spock-like radiation exposure were milked so hard that the cow screamed for mercy. And what was Cap'n Jack Kenobi doing in the Star Wars cantina?

... and do all regenerations involve a count of bodyparts now?

Still, it is done, and what little we saw of Matt Smith looks fine, though there is a chance he might do a Pertwee and be stuck on Earth whilst he does repairs.

In short, a good episode which was better than part one - but 30 mins too long.