Dollhouse Tonight

Joss Whedon's new series 'Dollhouse' premiers on UK TV tonight, it's on the SciFi channel at 9pm (just after the first episode of the 'KnightRider' reboot which is at 8pm) Dollhouse has been renewed for a second season - to the palpable relief of those who have seen it. Joss' previous series, Firefly, was cancelled after one US season and the DVD sales were so strong that Fox funded 'Serenity'.

It seems that they may have learned a lesson from history as "executives took into account Firefly's longevity - it has continued to sell well on DVD and spawned a big-screen movie, Serenity - when deciding Dollhouse's fate."

'Flight of the Conchords, Series 2, Episode 2, is on BBC4 at 10:30pm - this does not appear on iplayer, so it's a 'must catch'.