Pic A Day - April 26th 2009

Donkey Monica was marshalling at the London Marathon today (she was at the finish, snipping microchips from shoes - and she has entered the marshal's ballot for 2010).

I went to the east end (I'd never been on the DLR before, it's great!) - and in Greenwich, I saw this sorry looking donkey, a superb fancy dress - the runner was quite a way behind the pace!

The runner was drawing attention to the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad.

SPANA is a UK charity saving animals in the poorest countries in the world. But we are not an ordinary animal charity. We know that working animals ensure that families can make a living. If an animal falls sick or is injured, then the family it supports may go hungry and fall deeper into poverty. We believe that by ensuring a working animal is well and healthy, it can make even more of a contribution to the lives of those who depend on it.