We Watched the Watchmen Last night we went to see the long-awaited Watchmen. This is the film of the 'unfilmable' Alan Moore Graphic novel. I don't think I've ever seen a film that was more faithful to the source material. On Film 2009, Jonathan Ross said he thought it was 'too faithful' (though he enjoyed it).

The film was essentially the graphic novel brought to life. The casting of the actors was superb - and fitted the graphic novel perfectly. Rorschach was particularly well executed.

The film isn't short - but for me it flew by, and, like the novel, I loved the subtleties of the motivations of the characters. Each one is acting morally from their own point of view.

Like the novel, the film is complex, especially if you're expecting a good guy/bad guy plot where A leads directly to B, without passing go and without collecting £200.

A few things jarred with me somewhat. Sally Jupiter's old age makeup was a little ropey. It would have been better to cast an older actress for those scenes, and Dr. Manhattan wasn't quite as convincing as he should have been - he could appear 'pasted on'. Other than that, it's a remarkable tour de force.