Suu Kyi detention illegal

The UN has said the detention of the Burmese leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, violates both international legislation and the laws of Burma itself. (Source)

Whilst my first reaction was one of 'No Shit, Sherlock' - this is significant as the ruling refers to the laws of Burma itself - and that is rare for the UN.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a peaceful leader in Burma, opposing the ruling militaristic junta. She has been kept under house arrest for 13 in the last 19 years, and turned down the opportunity to be with her dying husband in the UK as she knew the junta would not allow her back into the country.

In Burma, external media is so tightly controlled that coverage of the situation there tends to be rare. If there are no pictures, there is no coverage. As a result, Suu Kyi isn't the household name that she deserves to be in my view.

This closely follows the arrest of five supporters of Suu Kyi.

In 2010, Burma will hold elections. Suu Kyi is barred from participating. Her party won the last elections in 1990, but was never able to take office. Suu Kyi has said that Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General, should not visit Burma until she, and other political prisoners, are freed.