Six Nations 2009 - Final Day - England vs. Scotland

England vs. Scotland is the Calcutta Cup match. It wasn't a good start for England, giving a penalty to Scotland. Then, it looked like a try for Scotland's Thom Evans, but Ugo Monye saved the day with an ankle tackle mere paces from the line. It was a superb effort - he really did well just to reach him, let alone stop him.

Harry Ellis got stretchered off with a suspected head or neck injury. That took some time to deal with, but the clock eventually restarted, but at 22 minutes in it was still 0-3 in Scotland's favour - though England were on the attack.

Then, the ball finds Monye down the wing, and he went over the line. He looked to already place himself in contention for the man of the match. Toby Flood failed to convert, so it was 5-3.

At this point, Monye had been responsible for 5 English points, as well as preventing a Scottish Try, so that's 10-12 points in England's favour which can be attributed to Monye.

Riki Flutey scored what I thought was a marginal try - it could have easily been ruled that he had lost control - but it was a score nonetheless. Then what looked like a sure try from Julian White was held up. All credit to the Scottish defence for preventing that score. HOWEVER, the try should have been given in an earlier phase - where the ball went down over the line, it came back into the field of play and the phases went on. The TMO was not asked to adjudicate on that issue, if he had, then it would have been a try.

The half time score was 15-3 England. A penalty soon made that 18-3.

In the second half, England began to concede kickable penalties. 18-6, then 18-9, then 18-12 with just over ten minutes left. Within a converted try of losing the game, England kicked to touch in Scotland's 22. England came close to scoring, but the ball went free back toward the centre of the field - and it was time to try again - eventually there was a drop goal. 21-12. That put England more than a converted try ahead. with about 7 minutes to play.

Near the end of the game, Andy Goode comes onto the field.

With three minutes to go (and uncontested scrums), Tait scores, though Andy Goode didn't convert. 26-12 to England. Unfortunately Hugo Southwell went down with what looked like a serious injury incurred as he made a tackle trying to prevent this try.

England win the Calcutta Cup

With thoughts for Southwell (Harry Ellis seemed okay), we move on to the title decide - Wales vs. Ireland.

The table now looks like this:

Team P W D L F A PTS
1 Ireland 4 4 0 0 104 58 8
2 England 5 3 0 2 124 70 6
3 France 5 3 0 2 124 101 6
4 Wales 4 3 0 1 85 64 6
5 Scotland 5 1 0 4 79 102 2
6 Italy 5 0 0 5 49 170 0

The situation for the next game is what it always was. If Ireland wins, they take the championship with a Grand Slam. If Wales wins, they take the Triple Crown, but Ireland will still win the championship unless Wales score 13 points more than Ireland.

If Wales wins, England moves to third and France moves to second.