Pic A Day - March 25th 2009

iPod Shuffle

I bought an iPod Shuffle today. 4 gigs. This thing is TINY. It's a stick of gum sized.

I had some trouble enabling VoiceOver, this was using itunes on WinXP. I would tick the box for VoiceOver and it'd look like it installed and then the box would go unticked. At no point could I choose the language.

There was a long call to apple tech support. I reset the player, retried, all sorts of things. They were not able to help, and eventually said to 'restore original settings'. I was to ring back if that didn't work.

It didn't.

I found the solution myself.

The solution was as I'd installed iTunes on D: not C: so when the VoiceOver software was downloaded it went to the wrong place.

The solution was to manually copy C:\Program Files\iTunes\iPodVoiceOver.dll to D:\Program Files\iTunes\iPodVoiceOver.dll. It then worked like a dream. The box was enabled and VoiceOver worked as advertised.

I've set things up on itunes with smart playlists. One playlist chooses a random set of music to the capacity of the player and I have secondary playlists which allow me to choose just a particular subset of music. The secondary playlists have rules like 'Music is on main playlist and genre is 'Rock'.

It's all good - though I can see that not everyone will 'get' smart playlists from the documentation supplied. Other than these hiccoughs, now sorted, it is very good. Though I'm scared of losing the thing! It's tiny!

This is my picture for the 25th March, 2009