The Six Nations - Day 1

We have had two games in the Six Nations so far. England vs. Italy and Ireland vs. France. Scotland vs. Wales will be tomorrow. Despite the flattering scoreline, the England performance left a lot to be desired. Goode's kicking wasn't too hot, demonstrating similar form to Cipriani's recent efforts. The quick ball wasn't present; when the ball did appear from the pile of bodies, it was often run straight back to the area.

At one point, the BBC cut to Martin Johnson who was putting his head in his hands - and this, remember, was with a big lead.

The tries we had did demonstrate individual skill, some of those tries were very good. England were taking advantage of Italy's errors - and Italy made a few, but England weren't, as a rule, creating their own luck.

Against anyone but today's Italian side, the performance would not have been good enough.

The game between Ireland and France was much better. It was tense, and both sides gave it a good go. The Irish try which put some clear blue water between the sides was simply superb, a result of a great team effort.

Tomorrow, Scotland play Wales, with Wales taking on England next week, I'm hoping that Scotland flatter them and cause complacency - as otherwise, on today's performance, England will get stuffed.

Still. if Wales do well, I do have that bet on...

  Team P W D L F A PTS
1 England 1 1 0 0 36 11 2
2 Ireland 1 1 0 0 30 21 2
3 Scotland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 Wales 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 France 1 0 0 1 21 30 0
6 Italy 1 0 0 1 11 36 0