Six Nations 2009 - Week 3 - Day 2

Already this weekend there has been an upset, Wales just couldn't hold it together and lost to France. Their hops of another Grand Slam have been dashed (and my hopes of getting some cash due to their winning the tournament are looking more dodgy!) This really did surprise me, Wales has been showing excellent form, and they made a few basic errors last night which just let the French in.

Today we have Ireland vs. England at 5:30pm and Scotland vs Italy at 3pm. I still expect Scotland to beat Italy.

Ireland vs. England is could be the decisive match of this tournament. Neutrals should hope for an English win here, as that would put four teams on four points, and give the most open finish to the tournament. An Irish win would put them at the top of the table, with Scotland and Wales in their way. If Ireland win today, then Wales vs. Ireland will be a key match.

If England win today, then England vs France next week will be a key game for the top of the table (France's final game is against Italy, and England's is against Scotland). Wales are in Rome next week.

As I write, Ireland are now the favourites to win overall, Wales are in second place. England are 12/1 against.

Only Ireland can win the Grand Slam (11/4), with no winner being favourite (1/4). Wales are favourite for the triple crown (mostly as they only have to beat Ireland, but Ireland have to bear England and Wales)

Today, my heart says England will beat Ireland, my head says differently. It'll be a close game, and it will depend upon which England team show up today.

Team P W D L F A PTS
1 Ireland 2 2 0 0 68 30 4
2 Wales 3 2 0 1 65 49 4
3 France 3 2 0 1 64 59 4
4 England 2 1 0 1 51 34 2
5 Scotland 2 0 0 2 26 48 0
6 Italy 2 0 0 2 20 74 0