Pic A Day - Feb 26th 2009

Cube I've set myself the task of learning a method to solve the Rubik Cube. I'm taking it slow, and trying to make sure each stage is bedded in before moving on.

I can do the top side layer, and the second layer. Today, I'm starting to orient the side pieces on the bottom face.

Then I will have to learn how to position those edge pieces, then position the corners on that face, then orient the corners.

I doubt I'll ever be a fast solver, I'm nowhere near nimble enough (and way to old now) - but I'll be happy to be able to solve this thing from my youth.

Seeing a 12 year old solve it in under 30 seconds the other day is in no way a spur.....

The cube in the picture has two layers, and a cross on the underside.

This is my Picture of the Day for Thursday, 26th February, 2009