One-Eyed Scottish Idiot

Jeremy Clarkson is again the target of politician's 'outrage'. Whilst in Australia, he referred to Gordon Brown as a 'One-Eyed Scottish Idiot'. If you analyse the statement carefully, there is no problem. He had not said that Scottish people were idiots, or One-Eyed people were idiots. That would be illogical.

'Gordon Brown has one eye'. A factual statement, if you mean one working eye.

'Gordon Brown is Scottish'. Another factual statement.

'Gordon Brown is an idiot'. The only part of the statement that can be reasonably contended. Funny how the politicians raising objections are both from Mr. Brown's party. Odd, that.

The Australian is owned by Rupert Murdoch, he of BSkyB. BSkyB is a direct competitor of the BBC. Make of that what you will.

I freely admit that Clarkson was unwise to prefix 'idiot' with 'one eyed' and 'scottish' due to the fact that it will inevitably be read as 'Clarkson thinks Scottish and Visually Impaired people are idiots'.