Illegal to Photograph a police officer

From Monday the 16th, it'll be, for all intents and purposes, illegal to photograph a police officer. The penalty could be ten years.

The War on Photographers , and Military Historians and Biographers etc. intensifies, by making it a serious terrorist crime to "attempt to elicit" information e.g. name, address, photograph etc.,about a current or former member of the Police, Armed Forces or Intelligence Services. (source)

So, if I see a police officer beating someone in the street, and take a photograph to document this, then I'm the one who breaks the law?

Under a strict interpretation, if I were to meet someone in a pub, and say 'Hello, what's your name', if they happened to one be a squaddie then this would fall under the act. A ridiculously loose definition - and another ill-thought out and potentially dangerous law from this government.

Nah, what am I thinking? The Police would never abuse a power. This isn't just about the press photographer - it's about the right of any citizen to act as a check on those in authority.