British Cycling at the Beijing Olympics


It has been revealed that in their extensive leadup to the spectacular success in Beijing, British Cycling were looking at all sorts of technology. In an article talking about how the skin-suits worn by the athletes have been shredded, it was revealed that:

...British Cycling also considered a plan to cope with the most common injury in cycling - a broken collar bone - except it involved deliberately injuring one of their riders.

"Ed Clancy (who won gold in the Olympic team pursuit) said he would not mind having his two collar bones broken.

"But then, thankfully, someone said 'what on earth are you doing?' and this madness was stopped."

I had to double take several times on those few paragraphs. Not only about Ed Clancy saying 'he would not mind', but at the fact that people considered it a good thing to break the collarbones of their Olympic athletes!

It's like a scene from 'Escape to Victory', only without Sylvester Stallone. Or the football.