Blunkett warns over ‘Big Brother’ Britain

Of all people, Blunkett is sounding the alarm. This was seen on No2ID, quoting the Independent.

Andrew Grice writes in the Independent:

David Blunkett, who introduced the idea of identity cards when Home Secretary, will issue a stark warning to the Government tomorrow that it is in danger of abusing its power by taking Britain towards a “Big Brother” state.

At the 21st annual law lecture in Essex University’s Colchester campus, Mr Blunkett will urge ministers to rethink policy and counter criticism from civil liberties campaigners that Labour is creating a “surveillance society.”

He will come out against the Government’s controversial plan to set up a database holding details of telephone calls and emails and its proposal to allow public bodies to share personal data with each other.

His surprise intervention will be welcomed by campaign groups, who regard him as a hardliner because of his strong backing for a national ID card scheme and tough anti-terror laws. The former home secretary will propose a U-turn on ID cards for British citizens, although he agrees with plans to make them compulsory for foreign nationals.

The first comment hits the nail on the head:

"Oh for goodness sake, you couldn’t make this up. Blunkett ignored all the warnings back then while he was instigating all of these measures. Is he a turncoat, a colossal idiot, or just seriously deluded? Whatever the reality is, I don’t trust him one bit. Suddenly he’s leaning towards our side, is he? Pull the other one!"