Awkward for Parents

According to BBC news reports, CBeebies Presenter, Cerrie Burnell, is prompting awkward questions from children. Parents say she is 'frightening' their children. Good.

Some children will be scared, but you know what, parents? They get over it.

Actually, it's worse than that, most of the negative comments have been from parents saying that they think their children would be frightened.

When I was growing up, I was involved in an exchange with a French family. The son, François, had a similar disability to Cerrie. When he came to stay, most of the local kids were curious, some were scared; the ones who made most fuss tended to be the older ones, the younger ones were fine. Those that did have a problem got used to it - and were better for it

So, Parents, if your kids are scared, explain that it's part of life - that Cerrie is otherwise okay, and she's getting on with things.

Parents, you may not feel comfortable with their questions and curiousity, but your children will be fine, if you let them.

As this article says:

instead of shielding children from disability, it seems some adults should take a lead from youngsters in how to respond to it.

As for François? Well, we did our visits (I spent 3 weeks in France, an eternity at that age) and then lost touch. One of those things. We were twelve, and France is a long way away when you're twelve and there's no internet.