Trends in Regeneration

I did a little research today and graphed the ages of the actors who played Dr. Who by when they began the job (Matt Smith from 2010). Doctor Who Actor's ages when they started being The Doctor

As you can see, though the fifth doctor, Peter Davison is the second youngest, there is a definite trend toward younger doctors, which has become markedly more pronounced from the ninth doctor (Eccleston).

Sorting them into age order with the oldest first:

  1. Hartnell
  2. Pertwee
  3. Troughton
  4. McCoy
  5. Eccleston
  6. Baker, T
  7. Baker, C
  8. McGann
  9. Tennant
  10. Davison
  11. Smith

I've also graphed their ages when they finished being the doctor. For recent incarnations his age upon regeneration has been roughly 40, which if this trend is maintained means that Matt Smith would be in for the long haul.

Peter Davison is the youngest actor to end his stint as The Doctor.

Doctor Who Actor's ages when they stopped being the incumbent Doctor

Again, sorting them into order (note, I did not take the birth month into account, which could reverse Tennant and Eccleston.

Sorting them into age order with the oldest first:

  1. Hartnell
  2. Pertwee
  3. Troughton
  4. Baker, T
  5. McCoy
  6. Baker, C
  7. Eccleston
  8. Tennant
  9. McGann
  10. Davison

To regenerate as an actor older than any of his predecessors, Smith has to last until 2042. The ages for the other doctors are:

Baker, T
Baker, C

Anyone want to bet on where Smith will ultimately come in this list? Personally, I wanted a long stint from Doctor eleven, (whoever it turned out to be). This is as regenerations seem to have been coming thick and fast, especially with the faux-regeneration of Tennant and the speculation about this replacement (remember when this was a surprise?) Also, the Doctor is only 'supposed' to have 12 regenerations, and they're running out. If the eleventh doctor is to be long-lived and put in a Tom Baker-length stint, it'd mean that Matt Smith will still be one of the younger doctors when he regenerates, at a Tennant type of age.

Could this post might be classed as a little over the top, perchance?

(I've corrected the Davidson/Davison error in the text, but this error remains on the graphics. Ecclestone/Eccleston has been corrected in text, was okay on graphics )