'Probably no God' Advert

In the UK, for a long time there have been adverts on the side of buses proclaiming some religious thing or other. The Humanist Association decided to make a campaign of their own saying 'There is probably no God, now go out and enjoy yourself'. The original campaign was to raise a few thousand pounds, but this rapidly grew to £140000.

"Even on the buses, nobody thinks twice when they see a religious slogan plastered across the side.

"This campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people think - and thinking is anathema to religion."

Christian Voice, ironically had this to say:

"People don't like being preached at. Sometimes it does them good, but they still don't like it."

Christian Voice have taken the interesting step of reporting the adverts to Advertising Standards, saying saying they break rules on substantiation and truthfulness..

It is true that The Humanist Association cannot prove the existence or non-existence of God, hence the word 'probably' (Carlsberg did a similar trick) - but for the advertising standards agency to find against these ads, they also have to find against all religious ads. After all, by a process of elimination, only one of the claims can be correct, can't it?

Own goal for the people with the imaginary friend?

As background: Christian Voice are the group who planned "to target pregnant women and staff at abortion clinics", and who tried to limit free speech (the not very good, Jerry Springer: the Opera) by threatening a Cancer Charity who would have received a donation from both Christian Voice and a gala performance.