New Who To be Announced on Saturday

The BBC have said that they will be announcing the identity of the 11th doctor at 5:35pm on Saturday. Please, don't let it be Catherine Zeta Jones....

Eddie Izzard would be good, but I'd like to see Bill Nighy. I don't think it'll be either of them, though. It needs to be someone with a long term commitment to the role.

As I write, the odds (source: betfair) are as follows:

  1. Matt Smith 8/15
  2. Patterson Joseph 11/10
  3. Chiwetel Ejiofor 7/2
  4. Ben Wishaw 7/1
  5. Russell Tovey 14/1
  6. David Morrissey 19/1 (no! too big a leap given the christmas special)
  7. James Nesbitt 19/1
  8. Billie Piper 19/1 (no!)
  9. Colin Salmon 29/1
  10. Rhys Ifans 29/1
  11. Sean Pertwee 49/1
  12. Jennifer Saunders 59/1
  13. Jack Davenport 69/1

There's a certain symmetry to Sean Pertwee, and I can see Patterson Joseph in the role.... regardless, it really doesn't matter what I think, though, whoever is announced will be Doctor Who. When Tennant was announced, I did remember thinking "who's that, then?" and he turned out okay....