Inglourious Basterds

The new Tarantino film, Inglourious Basterds (why does it have to be spelled that way?) has just had a confirmed August release date for the USA. The film stars Brad Pitt in a World War 2 role, along with names such as Julie Dreyfuss and Eli Roth, with narration from Samuel L. Jackson.. I'm really looking forward to this film, every Tarantino film to date has been exceptionally good (I've a particular soft spot for 'Jackie Brown' and 'Death Proof').

Fingers crossed that the date doesn't slip. There is currently no news of international release dates.

I've high hopes for the film, my only concern is that Tarantino has managed to keep the language 'period' - to date, all his writing that I've seen has been contemporary, and this would jar in a WW2 film. I really don't think he would risk this though. (Let's hope that's not famous last words!)

The shots which have been released showing Brad Pitt in costume look spot on, they've captured that 1940s look to a T.