Galactica is Back in the UK

What is possibly the best show in recent years makes a return tonight for its grand finale. Battlestar Galactica begins again at 9pm on Sky 1. The series began again in the US on the 16th. Galactica is a thoughtful series, dealing with the destruction of the twelve human colonies by the Cylons. The humans flee and begin a search for the mythical planet called 'Earth' - this was originally intended by the commander as something to provide a focus in troubled times, but Earth became a reality when we were last with Galactica.

Along the way, grand themes have been explored, such as religion, the use of political power, loyalty and so on. It is a series which transcends the paraphernalia of 'Sci Fi', and can provide something for people who "don't like sci-fi". It's not just things blowing up, folks!

After this series we will have 'The Plan' which shows the start of the entire series from the Cylon point of view.