More Theme Modifications

I've played with my new theme a little more, and it is roughly where I thought it needed to be for personal modifications. Christmas Theme

The first thing I've done is to bleed all the colour out - the default is now a white theme, then I've added in style definitions which will cease to be relevant on 26th December.... my first test of the date-based tags.

Seems okay.....

Update: Bugger. MSIE..... doing its own thing for CSS..... buggerbuggerbugger.... thankfully there is a javascript fix out there. Come on, Microsoft.... sort out your buggy browser!

Update 2: The problems I had were with MSIE not understanding 'inherit' in a class declaration in the way that it should. I've made the 'offending' CSS explicit in the colour declarations. Not great, but livable. As a result, I'm no longer relying on the javascript above.