For Christmas I was given the Hawaii-Five-O boxed set for season one. We've just put the pilot on, and immediately the theme tune lifts the spirits. It's amazing the simple pleasures in life. When the inevitable Hollywood remake (continuation in this case) happens, the one thing they'd better not mess with is that iconic theme. Update it, yes - but the update should have all the same elements - the crooked smile from McGarrett Jr, the fish-eye views of the planes, the big wave....

Like the original series, it chronicles the workings of the fictional Hawaiian state police department. In the original, the unit was headed by Steve McGarrett, played by Jack Lord. In the new series, McGarrett's son Chris will be the top cop.

While the characters, storytelling and pacing will be updated, "we will try to keep as much of the original show as possible," Bernero said. "I'm not trying to reinvent it."

The famous opening music will be back but may also get a face-lift, much in the vein of the theme from the 1966-73 series "Mission: Impossible," which was rearranged for the Tom Cruise movie franchise.

As for the staple "Book 'em, Danno" closing line, delivered by McGarrett to his sidekick Dan Williams (James MacArthur), there will be a version of it in the new installment, Bernero said.


Back to the original. We were a little concerned that the show would date badly. But, even with Jack Lord's hair, the show seems fresh.

On the subject of DVDs, it's my birthday tomorrow, so if you enjoy murky.org and can't think of how to spend your Christmas cash, then Amazon might be a good place to visit... (Chances of that working, somewhere close to slim or fat)