Lance is Back

The Legend that is 7 times Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, has announced his return to professional cycling. It looks like he'll be in the Astana team. However, this may be problematic as Astana were not allowed to compete in the 2008 tour due to doping offences under its previous management. Christian Prudhomme from the Tour de France says "if he is in a team that we will choose for the Tour, L.A. (Lance Armstrong) will be at the start of the 2009's Tour de France in Monaco the 4th of July"

Prudhomme also talks of doping regulations: Lance Armstrong... pourra participer au prochain Tour de France s'il respecte les règles concernant notamment la lutte antidopage - Lance Armstrong... may participate in the upcoming Tour de France if he respects the rules concerning the fight against doping.

I've only really been watching cycling for a little over a year - and there's still a lot I don't know. I don't know the history - or anything about the doping allegations against Armstrong. I barely know the major rider and teams (they change names so often!) - however, I know this. Lance Armstrong is a name that I knew before I got interested. In this respect he's the Lawrence Dallaglio of Cycling - and as such, it's a good thing to get the chance to see him ride again.

(Additional: Today has been a good day for Cycling. The Tour of Britain had a nail-biting stage finish today, with the yellow jersey puncturing, and the peloton making good ground on the lead riders for a nail biting finish. In addition, Team GB have been storming the Paralympics in the velodrome... a good day. However, I drove to work, so my cycling record isn't too hot).