Women's Road Racing


I'm watching the end of the Olympics Women's road racing - that weather is foul! The men had a much drier day, but probably hotter. I was about to post, but I've decided to put a break in here, in case anyone wanted to watch it on iplayer.

The rest of this was typed as the last few km happened.

The finish for the men's was excellent. Cancellara's ride was superb, sprinting from the main peloton to the chasing group, and then towing them up to the leading group. He earned a bronze for his trouble.

The women's race looks to be a fast five way finish.... 1000m to go.

Nicole Cooke has lost contact, losing the aerodynamic advantage - but made it up...

Cooke is in the front with 200m to go!

Johansson challenging....

Nicole Cooke wins! A fantastic effort. That's a gold for 'Team GB' (or as 'The Now Show' would put it 'Team GB medals in Beijing.... now you don't want to go meddling in Beijing....)

Hang on, they're saying Guderzo has won... whoops correction. It was Cooke.

The first Gold Medal for GB.

Update: The BBC now has an article about Nicole Cooke.