Sprint Finals


It's another good performance from British Cyclists, with three medals in the Sprints guaranteed.

The Men's final will be Chris Hoy vs. Jason Kenny, and Victoria Pendleton will be in the Women's final (her opponent is being decided as I type. Oh no! Guo has fallen!)

This means that the race will be reset.

Guo just edged the win, but due to some 'elbow action' (which almost caused the Australian to crash) she was relegated, and Meeres now races Pendleton in the final.

The sprint is quite a cerebral race. The cyclists go very slowly at first, as if they went fast the second rider could slipstream and then slip out to win with the edge. You see this all the time in road races. However, if you go too slow, then the other rider might just say 'soddit' and be away before you can follow.

So it is that they proceed slowly, watching the other rider. The second rider often tries to keep some distance as if the first rider is inattentive then they can build speed and be past before their opponent has noticed. But, if they're too far behind they wouldn't be able to slipstream in the first rider made a break. They also play with track position, often they will try and be high on a track so they can 'swoop' down - and the second rider tries to get the first rider to 'swoop' unnecessarily so they can then slipstream and follow a rider who is going too far, too fast. Each rider tries to avoid going all-out until they're at their own optimum distance, all the while they're trying to avoid their opponent taking the initiative.

It's so tactical!

As I write, they are having the four-way battles to settle the lower places (9-12 and 5-8). These tend to be much faster rides, the tactical side of things becomes less important as there are more people to watch the riders tend to go on pure speed.

I'm expecting Gold for Pendleton, Gold for Hoy and Silver for Kenny. Update: Pendleton has just won in decisive fashion.

Update: Chris Hoy has beated Jason Kenny to the Gold.

Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny contend the final

Chris Hoy, Victorious

Pendleton with her medal.

The Flags are raise for the Men's Sprint.

Chris Hoy wins the Gold Medal in the Sprint