Load Errors

I've been having CPU Load errors of late. I don't know why this is - something to do with SQL requests, but it's very frustrating. I can only assume that something is over-zealous in the SQL calls. Therefore, I've removed any plugins that weren't immediately needed, removed things like the calendar (which to my mind is just 'cruft' - who cares if a post went out on the 3rd August? Aren't people more likely to use the search box?)

One thing I found was that the database backup script ran on both murky.org and the backup domain simultaneously - this was killed with extreme prejudice!

Plan for the future:

  1. Continue to tag old posts.
  2. Remove/Reduce categories so that I have a few main categories only
  3. Work a new theme which I've done from scratch - I have my plans, but this isn't a quick thing.
  4. In the age of decent search engines, do I really need archives which are date based, category based etc? Should I not redirect data based links to some other archive, allowing for fewer cached pages?

It's possible that one cause of CPU load is the tag editor I'm using behind the scenes - it accesses many posts at once - so it's possible that the CPU load thing might sort itself out once this task is done - or when I limit the number of posts edited at once!

It could be that there's something much more fundamental and the host itself is just not up to the task of running a low-traffic site which has WP SuperCache on it. In which case, I may have to change hosts. Up until the last few days, this hasn't been a problem though, so hopefully removing a few database lookups, and tagging fewer old posts at once might make things play nice again.

Either way, Argh! Don't just tell me that there is a high load, tell me which scripts are responsible!