I'm back from a trip to Iceland. My return flight was delayed from just after 5pm to 1am... so I'm a bit wiped out today. I got out of the airport at 5:30am, drove for a while, slept for a couple of hours, watched 'Britain's Strongest Man' at Mum's house. Drove a little more. I got home at 1pm. Washed. A little under 24 hours before, I had been leaving the Blue Lagoon in Iceland 'just in time' to get checked in for my flight - only to sit around for 8 hours at Keflavík airport. This afternoon all I've done really is (slowly) geotag, and go to fetch the cats from the cattery.

Anyhow, I've geotagged about half the pictures. When I've done the rest they'll appear on flickr and I'll start referencing a few here.

... and seeing as I didn't reference it at the time: What about poor ol' Gordon and Glasgow East? *chuckle*.