Oyster Cards

OysterThe company that manufactures the Oyster cards for London has lost its contract due to its connection with the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. The Spectator (obvious Boris link alert) says: "This is welcome news, companies that work with the Mugabe regime should pay a heavy price for their actions."

The Evening Standard (linked above) reports:

Human rights campaigners War On Want urged the millions of Londoners who regularly use Oyster cards to boycott them until the contract comes to an end next month.

Charity spokesman Paul Collins said: "For those who can afford it it shows empathy with the people suffering in Zimbabwe...

This might have been worthwhile whilst the contract was up for renewal, but right now, it seems rather self-defeating.

In other Boris News, there were reports a couple of weeks ago that there are plans to raise London's lost rivers, as well as creating cycle superhighways. To me, the first sounds pricey (but very cool) - lots of buildings in the way! The second sounds much more achievable - that's a matter of some signage and bollards).