Journey's End

In my previous post, I said:

  • Doctor will be Tennant. This’ll probably seem cheap.
  • Donna will be Dead
  • Rose will be Gone
  • Jack will survive (Face of Bo, remember)
  • Gwen and Ianto will be playing Sardines
  • Martha will have done something with a key and will be on Earth at the end.

Let's take these one at a time:

  • Tennant was the Doctor at the end. Survived by zapping the hand. Yep... cheap (and what soppiness with Rose?!)
  • Donna's not dead, but she may as well be as part of the 'Who' universe.
  • Yep, she's gone. 'Permanently' (didn't they say that before?).
  • Jack survives incineration and extermination (not necessarily in that order).
  • Gwen and Ianto hid in a cupboard thanks to Tosh's 'from out of nowhere a solution appears' timelock device. Oh dear.
  • Martha didn't do anything with a key. She threatened to.

Overall, some enjoyable stuff in the episode (I particularly liked the multilingual daleks) - but there were half a dozen too many conveniences to get them out of a whole, though I appreciated Davros not being seen to be destroyed. In 'Confidential', Billie Piper said  something like 'that's what is great about SF is that anything can happen'. No Billie, if anything can happen it cheats your audience by removing internal logic and you have fantasy.

As a season, there were some really nice things - but there has been an over-reliance on mysticism which I'd like to see reduced dramatically.