Exploding Knife Tip Alert!

More Daily Mail Knife Crime Hysteria! (via Bruce Schneier)

The Met have 'circulated the information', and all of a sudden this changes to 'Britain on alert'!

Nice to have balanced reporting.

A Mr. Atkinson of Sheffield commented on the Daily Mail article: 'What better advert for this knife could there be? I had never heard of it until today, and now, every self-respecting nutter will be after one'

Quite so - there is no reason for this article in the Mail except to promote fear in it's readers... what paper was this again? Ah, right. (I know that I could be accused of the same by mentioning it here, but who has the higher readership, me or a National newspaper?)

I've made two previous posts on the 'knife crime epidemic' which we keep hearing about in the UK, the original and the update.