Update on my New World Tourist

My new bike arrived today and I went out for a little test ride this evening. Nothing serious, just to the corner shop and back. I did this twice as I had forgotten my wallet the first time. I found one problem straight away. I had fitted the rear rack using the fixtures supplied - and found that the screw on the drivechain side was so long that it fouled the chain. As a short term measure I loosened it, but I'll need to do something about that - I did find this rather annoying.

There are screwholes on the rack near the hub that I'm not familiar with, and I wonder what they're for (my panniers have a sort of hook thing, I presume that some other panniers require a screw hole).

The hub gear makes a clicking noise that I'm unused to, but I loved the ability to change gears when at a standstill.

I solved the issue of 'only two hub gears' - it was a cognitive issue (i.e. in my head); the position of the lever for the 'uphill' setting looked like it was the 'flat' setting. So the lever was naturally one notch to the right of where I thought it should be. I.e. instead of not being able to push it left, I just needed to push it an extra notch to the right and found the other gear (I had found one and two, where I thought I had found two and three).

Generally, it was nice to ride, and I will need to look at the rear light and cycle computer soon. One nasty point was one driver travelling in the opposite direction who went out of his way to slow down and shout abuse at me for the temerity of being on an odd looking bike.