Odd workings of Justice

In case you hadn't realised, there is a cloud over England's test matches in NZ with "allegations of sexual assault and/or rape". Except that no formal complaint has been made, therefore, sensibly, the people at the receiving end have declined to be interviewed.

Understand this, I'm not blinded by being someone who watches the game whilst living in England. If the players have done this, then they deserve to have the full force of the law come into play - however, we must remember that they are also possible targets for warrantless claims. At this stage, none of us can know the truth, nor should we comment upon where the truth may lie.

Why am I posting? Well, I do find it odd to see statements like:

"We are desperate to clear the players' names but we're in a very strange situation - with no allegations, no complaint being made - as to exactly how the name of the players can be cleared."

The names have not been published, not has a formal complaint been made. Surely the names remain clear - or has 'innocent until proven guilty' gone out of fashion in New Zealand too?

If a formal complaint or formal charge is made then there will be a name to clear - but until that point...