Iron Man

The latest in a series of 'behind the times' reviews! On saturday, we finally got to see 'Iron Man' with Robert Downey Jr. Spoilers follow.

This is the story of a rich and powerful inventor, an engineer who has a business selling sophisticated weaponry. He travels to Afhanistan where he is captured and forced to build his latest rocket for by the guerillas.

Instead he uses his knowledge to build a primitive fighting Iron Suit which he uses to escape. Once home, he refines his design to build a sophisticated version - renouncing the arms business. He vows to destroy the weapons he's sold which have got into the 'wrong hands'.

His board of directors don't like this. Conflict ensues (and indeed, the power struggles in the company don't just ensue...)

The film is well put together. Robert Downey is very good - the producers took a risk on him given his personal history and it paid off for them.

Interestingly (not being familiar with Iron Man before  this film) - here we have a 'superhero' without a secret identity - one who apparently wants to do his hero work in the full glare of publicity. That could make an interesting element in a sequel.