At the weekend we tried out a few cycles. I took the opportunity to have a go on a recumbent for the first time. I was a little wobbly to start, but soon got going. I wouldn't trust myself in traffic though.

A recumbant and I

In addition, we both tried three wheeled recumbents, and we liked the Greenspeed GT3. The GT3 is a folding recumbent, with a single back wheel and two front wheels. It has underseat steering, and really could go on the flat.

Me on the Greenspeed GT3Monica on the GT3

Monica loved the GT3 so much that it was hard to get her out of it (she kept asking if she could have one!)

It's very low, and so if we ever did get one then we'd put loads of red lights behind the seat.

We'd need to save up for a while.... besides, I'd want Monica to get some traffic sense on a conventional bicycle first, I think.

The Greenspeed GTT was good fun too. This was a recumbent tandem. The front person has control of the steering, the rear person has some control over the gears.

Tandem Greenspeed GTT Recumbent