Premiership Final Cockups.

Dallaglio and Shaun watch the endWasps and Leicester, having got through to the Rugby Union Guinness Premiership Final, were allocated 9000 tickets each. in a stadium of capacity 82000. Lots of tickets had already been sold. This is a shockingly low allocation for a big event (especially for a club like Leicester), but nevertheless, the clubs made their plans and began to sell tickets today.

Then, later on the same day, news comes through from English Premier Rugby.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: London Wasps have today been told that their 9,000 Guinness Premiership Final ticket allocation has been reduced by PRL to 5,438.

Excuse me? Wasps Season Ticket holders alone cover that (give or take) - what hope is there for the regular non-season ticket holder, or even the 'occasional' supporter.

... and Leicester are in an even worse position having, as they do, a larger regular attendance.

Anybody would think that the club allocation were being intentionally squeezed so that next year they sell more advance tickets. Cynical, moi?

It shouldn't be hard. At the start of the season decide the allocation. Reserve that number of seats in the different price bands of the stadium. Keep some back for the corporates etc. Sell the rest with impunity. Everybody's happy, and the organisers don't look like incompetents.