Lawrence Dallaglio's Generation Game

Tony SpreadburyCraig Dowd and Riki Flutey help Sting to score a try.The farewell to Lawrence was great fun. There was some good comedy, and everyone was really enjoying themselves. High spots include

  • Seeing Dean Ryan (of Gloucester) in Wasps kit
  • Spreaders reffing whilst in a Wasps top (number 8, of course)
  • Sting joining in the game against the Golden Oldies, and scoring a try (pushed over from the half way line with the help of Craig Dowd and Riki Flutey)
  • Spreaders being tackled and ending up at the bottom of a six foot pile of bodies.
  • Peter Scrivener excelled himself with the commentary. Funny and knowledgable. Simultaneously.

It was really good, with everyone involved really enjoying themselves. The players all seemed to be going around with big grins on their faces - quite apart from the occasion itself, it should have been a great way for the guys to let off some steam prior to the Guinness Premiership Final. It was especially good that people like Craig Dowd and Trevor Leota could be there, coming, as they did, a very long way for the occasion.

Video from the day is online (though Sting's try doesn't appear to be on there).

A match report is here.

My photos of the day are here.