Champions! (or not)

Outsized BallIt's 5pm, and we should now have the result of the Guinness Premiership Final between Wasps and Leicester. Gloucester supporters may lament the fact that their side finished top of the premiership but bottled the big occasion of the semi final, but the playoffs are the price you pay for fixture congestion - it reduces the disparity due to players being called up to play for England. I'm writing this in the morning, before the game, and am slightly apprehensive. Last year, Wasps beat Leicester in the Heineken Cup Final, denying their captain the opportunity to retire on a high - the story may be that history repeats itself. It's a possibility - however (and here is where I write myself a hostage to fortune) - it doesn't feel like that'll happen. Wasps have had a good run to finish second in the table. We were in tenth place after the world cup (so many players were absent, we really suffered) - but then we had a run of success like nothing people had seen before.

Sting does a little danceAfter the Generation Game last week the story doesn't feel like Wasps can do anything other than upset Leicester. The mood last week was good, the players seemed relaxed - bullish, almost.

After a run like we've had to get to the top this season, we can't do anything other than win.

Can we?

My prediction (which, given that this is futureposted should be immediately checkable) is that in the first half it will be tight. Leicester may well go ahead. Wasps will come back and at half time it's anybody's game. In the second half, Wasps will pull away and get a clear margin - though it won't be until the final seconds that we can breath easily. It'll be something like 25-15 to Wasps.

I hope. If it turns out that Leicester won, I'm hoping for some 'there, there' comments by the time I get home.