Wombles wonder about 'Fanny Packs'

Simply brilliant: Bernard Cribbins lends his voice to a Wombles montage which highlights that only 1% of childrens' television is currently made in the UK. Quite right.

When I grew up, we had Bod, The Magic Roundabout, Mr. Benn, Chorlton and the Wheelies, The Camberwick Green/Chigley/Trumpton trilogy, Playaway (with Jeremy Irons), Dangermouse, Jamie and the Magic Torch, Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, Captain Pugwash, Think of a Number (with Johnny Ball, who unfortunately has no modern parallel), Take Hart and the list goes on....

These programmes could talk to children without patronising them (with seemingly endless slimings) - they had little jokes for the adults (especially things like 'The Magic Roundabout').

Parents today could do a lot worse that switching off current childrens' TV and getting the seventies and early eighties shows on DVD.