Bike Friday

There are several occasions where I will need to take a bicycle on public transport. For example, if I want to cycle in London, taking my regular bike is inconvenient, and could mean that I'd have problems with bike security. With this in mind, I've started thinking about a folding bike, which have moved on a lot in recent years.

I've thought about a Brompton, as they are pretty ubiquitous in the UK. I find myself drawn to the 'Tikit' - these are made in the USA. They have a fast fold and can be custom built to fit the individual (to my mind, folders need to be much more mechanically sound that a fixed bike - and I'm not a small bloke, so this is to be desired).

See the Fast Folding Tikit

They can be bought 'off the shelf' but to do that removes the 'custom' attraction, and makes the Brompton more attractive again. There is a newer version with a slightly slower fold (as it involves a twiddle-knob instead of the hyper-fold mechanism) - but the hyper fold looks like a great piece of engineering, and that's always a good thing for me. Elegant solutions are good.

I'd like to get a folder prior to the London Freewheel - though not essential, the transportation into town will be much more pleasant.

With the dollar being depressed at the moment, it seems like a good opportunity to seriously look at the tikit. The trouble is that I can see the need for other bicycles, a good tourer for instance - I would like to try getting on my bike, loading it up and just going this summer.... and I wouldn't trust my creaky Halfords bike for a long distance reliability....

Bikes are addictive things, the current one is never quite right...