The Last Enemy

The BBC has an article spawned from the new programme, 'The Last Enemy'

A comparison is often made with ID cards on the Continent, yet they are nothing like the UK ID card because they hold far less information.

Yet it's not simply a case of pointing a disapproving finger at the "tentacles" of the state. There's a laziness in the constant expressions of "they are watching us". In fact we have an intelligence service who work incredibly hard and are passionate about saving our lives. But if you let police make the laws, quite logically you end up with a police state.

And there's a similar laziness in the belief it's only the guilty who have something to lose; the innocent have nothing to hide. To many the perils of a surveillance society seem abstract, a load of "what ifs" that will never have much bearing on most of our lives.

Yet the innocent do have something to hide - their privacy, and that is linked to dignity. The innocent will have to prove every day that they are innocent by what is on their card.

Via No2ID. The programme goes out on Sundays, BBC1, 9pm.