London Freewheel 2008?

Last year, I took part in the London Freewheel. It was a great event, and I'm hoping it'll be repeated in 2008. Periodically I do a search to see if it is to be repeated, and to put the date in my diary.

No luck yet. I'd appreciate a 'heads up' if anyone hears details.

(Edit: Scary, as of 13th Jan, this site is the number one link in google UK when searching for 'London Freewheel 2008' - Murk)

(Edit: As of 14th Feb, I've been told that a provisional time for this is the 3rd week in september, I'd guess the 21st - Murk)

(Edit: As of 5th March, Freewheel registration 2008 is open. It will be the 21st. - Murk)