Desired Online Application - DVD and CD library

I've been looking for a decent application to manage a DVD collection. Korenwolf did mention something a while back (I forget the name - and I haven't got around to asking) - but if memory serves it ran on a particular computer. This is what I'd like to see:

  • Secure login for multiple users
  • Enter ISBN, things like DVD cover, actors, title, genre and so on are pulled from online sources and autofilled.
  • The info should be user editable.
  • There should be options to make each entry 'public', 'friends only', 'private'. This should be over-rideable on a case by case basis
  • Each user should have a public facing webpage, generated automatically, showing entries with the appropriate privacy level (e.g. public only to un-logged in users)
  • It should be possible to tie two or more user accounts together, who see entries made in the other account as their own - unless that entry is marked as 'do not share'. This'd allow a user to record DVDs that are in the house, as well as DVDs that might be elsewhere (e.g. at work).
  • There should be a field for where the item is usually stored. This would be from an editable list and selected with a mouseclick (i.e. prepare a list that says 'on shelf under TV, on bookshelf in front room, whatever' and then just click)
  • There should be a field detailing if the item is loaned out, and when it was loaned
  • There should be a 'comment-like' section for recording impressions if the DVD is watched.
  • Only the people with partner or private webpage should see these fields
  • The webpage should be 'clean', uncluttered, and configurable. There should be several modules which could be moved around on a per-user basis, e.g. a module which shows the last DVD watched, a module which shows who has the DVD, a module that keeps track of unwatched DVDs (minus any loaned DVDs), a straightforward list sorted by title, by genre, a module that lists loaned out DVDs (by date of loan), a module that lists DVDs that are in the 'to watch' queue and so on
  • There should be two ratings fields, one for user rating, one for public rating (e.g. pulled from imdb)
  • There should be text based feeds, i.e. click for a brief list, alphabetically sorted, of all DVD, DVDs sorted by genre, DVDs in a particular genre, DVDs on loan, DVD sorted by storage location and so on.
  • Ideally, it should be a pretty standard server app, utilising php/mysql or similar

Essentially, a decent application for managing DVDs (and/or CD, and/or books), not only managing WHAT those resources are, but keeping track of WHERE they are. This'd be really useful for me as quite often I'll see a DVD on offer and thing 'do I have that, or did I just plan on getting that?' - sometimes I see this when away from home, but not away from a computer - this'd allow a quick check.

Does such a thing exist? (There is - but there I'd be committing data to a 3rd party, and having the ability to make backups is a good thing)

Does anyone with the skills feel like creating the sourceforge project to make this happen? (fx: hopeful grin)

Edit: Okay, I've succumbed to DVDspot - but I'd still prefer an 'own install' for various reasons. So, let's add to the above list 'will accept import and export data in DVDspot format'