Pyrenees Trip - Day 4

Thursday, 19th July, 2007 On Thursday, we drove down to La Rochelle. The route was pretty easy, though the last half mile is always the problem - we missed our turning in La Rochelle and had to loop through the one way system.

We stayed in a place called the hotel de bordeaux near the old port. The room was quite small, but servicable. The room had aircon, which was welcome after a hot journey.

Once we had rested, we went out to have a little look around, and ended up at the aquarium which is only a hundred metres or so from the hotel.

JellyfishSeahorseHermit CrabCuttlefish

The Aquarium is a pretty good one, which a wide range of fish, well displayed, and a shark tank which covers the height of the building (with the exception of the rooftop restaurant, where the keepers can gain access for feeding etc)

There are some huge tanks in the aquarium, some filled with giant silvery fish, some with shark - and some small tanks too, with coral, or seahorses.

The clownfish in the sharktank seemed much more nervous than the ones in a tank of their own, not surprising really!

It takes some time to go around the aquarium, and there were several instances where I thought "Hang on a minute, they're getting the cast of 'Finding Nemo' back together!"


To quote the film: Shark Bait: Brou! Ha! Ha!

As one emerges from the aquarium, the path winds through a tropical area. It has terrapin moving about, and piranha fish in tanks too, there is a bridge going over such a tank. The path goes around this area, and emerges back into the entrance foyer.

We ate in the rooftop restaurant at the Aquarium. It was good food, with nice views. There was an issue with the toilets there (let's just say that some punter had been anti-social), but they dealt with it reasonably when notified. To be fair, this shouldn't be a point against them, as it could have easily been any establishment - it'd only become a negative if there were problems on a second visit.

It had been a long day - on Friday we would explore some of La Rochelle. For now, sleep beckoned.