Pyrenees Trip - Day 3

Wednesday, 18th July, 2007 The wednesday was spent moving around the Brittany/Normandy border area.

We took breakfast in the farmhouse, a big table was prepared for the handful of guests staying there. There was some really gorgeous jam available for the croissants.

Le Mont St. MichelLe Mont St. MichelLe Mont St. MichelWe began by taking a trip to Mont St. Michel, and climbing up the Mont to go into the Abbey at the top. It's a nice little Abbey, with high arched rooms, and lots of connecting rooms. There are some nice views from the terrace.

Touring the Abbey takes some time, and when we were done we went into a small café to get a meal. This was one which gave views over the bay, but we took a long time to get served - on the whole trip there were three places like that. Most unusual.

My favourite place to eat so far in Mont St. Michel has a small window in the wall of the Mont itself, with a table set in that window. It's a good location. Unfortunately, I can't recall the name of the place!

There's not really much to say about Mont St. Michel, except that it's a very nice place to while away some hours. You can see all of my photos taken at Mont St. Michel using this flickr map.

Returning to the gîte we were greeted enthusiastically by the farmhouse dogs.

We met some cute dogs at our Gîte

You can't really go wrong with cute dogs.

In the evening, we drove over to Mont Dol, as on wednesdays, in the summer months, they have a little market there in the evenings. We thought it'd be up on the Mont itself, but it was not. The market was down in the village. We wandered around for a bit, buying some honey. The market was okay - but I'm glad we didn't put ourselves out for it.

We ate in Dol (which tends to close early), to Le Katedral. This is a small restaurant with a bar attached and had Galettes (savoury pancake meal type things) followed by Crepe (sweet pancake pudding type things).