Pyrenees Trip - Day 2

Tuesday, 17th July, 2007 We were up and away on Tuesday. The plan was to go to a small place just inside Brittany, we were staying just west of Pontorson, in a farmhouse called La Costardiere - which was a few miles from where I camped a few years ago.

Road crossing on Pont de NormandeLe Mont St. Michel On the way we stopped in Caen (I stayed there in 2005, and could go straight to the supermarket - we needed some provisions). We took the road over Le Pont de Normande, stopping in the services there for lunch, and we also diverted to see Mont St. Michel from a distance. Then it was off to our accomodation.

Despite being on a minor road, the place was very easy to find (thanks mainly to looking it up first in google maps). The room was huge, it had two double beds and a single - and also cheaper than the hotel we were in the night before. The building was old, so the floor did slope, but that wasn't a problem.

Our Room in Brittany... nice! We got ourselves settled in, had a bit of a snooze, that sort of thing.

Then we headed off to see some local sites. We didn't want anything big, so we went to a local spot called Mont Dol, where we climbed the tower on the top to see the sun setting over La Baie du Mont St. Michel.


Sunset at Mont Dol