Pyrenees Trip - Day 12

Friday 27th July, 2007 At breakfast, there was a couple on another table, by chance they chose to do exactly the same things as us - all day, as we walked around, we'd be at a destination and they'd arrive, or vice-versa. It got rather silly!

Chateau de Chambord We drove to Blois, it's good cycling territory around there. We passed the Château de Chambord which is an impressive looking structure.

The Chateau in BloisMaison de la Magie We parked in Blois, and walked up to the area between the Château and the Maison de Magie (house of magic). As we got to the area outside the house of magic, the windows opened and dragons heads appeared, roaring at the people below. A bit cheesey, but fairly well done.

Statue of Robert HoudinThe place is in honour of Robert Houdin (for whom Houdini was named). The museum is quite interesting, lots of magical artifacts, a few self working tricks to entertain. I thought it was really good.

On the top floor they have an attraction which is a bit naff. One wears a horizontal mirror beneath the eyes and follows a rail around a path. Items on the ceiling are reflected in the mirror and it looks like you're walking across little wooden bridges and then through an undersea scene. It's quite an effective illusion - but once ultimately it's a little bit rubbish.

Following the museum, we walked across the the Château, which is a real mish-mash of styles.

The Chateau in BloisThe Chateau in Blois We looked around the château for a while, then walked through Blois itself, going past the Maison d'acrobat.

Leaving Blois, we drove along the route nationale to Beaugency and parked next the the Loire. We ate at a pizza place opposite the bridge which was pretty nice. The Loire is pretty wide at this point, and looks quite shallow, judging by the speed of the river and the fact that there's some sediment build up in the river with greenery growing upon them.

After the mean, we headed back to the hotel - on saturday we would be heading north to the coast.