Paxman and Humphries

Jeremy Paxman and John Humphries in the same room at the same time.... Humphries is interviewing Paxman about his recent lecture about the demise of TV. For the record, I'm in agreement with Paxman on much of what he says - I can't remember the last time I saw a decent documentary which didn't have a made-up play to illustrate it's point. It's also all too rare that an interviewer listens to the answers they're given, and responds to that answer - the number of times which I've listed to an MP or minister waffle repeatedly without answering the question and have the interviewer let it slide has been frustrating.

... that said. I do like the concept of the BBC, and generally it's a good thing - but it has got rather too audience-chasey. Witness, for example, the 'reporting' on the BBC news website of the happenings on 'Big Brother' (a production of a rival broadcaster).

For the record: my most used BBC outlets are: BBC News website (and BBC Sport/Weather etc) BBC Radio 4 BBC2 TV BBC4 TV BBC1 TV (this moves up a bit at certain times of the year)

The BBC outlets I wouldn't miss are: BBC Local Radio BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio 3 (though I'd hate to think it wasn't there) CBBC CBeebies Any of those saturday night things involving dancing and ice skating.