Divisive Dallaglio?

Dallaglio Will Carling has claimed that Dallaglio is a divisive personality to include in the England team for the World Cup. Carling said: 'Sometimes the nature of someone like Lawrence can be a problem in a squad if he's not a captain and there are not very strong guys to keep him in check.'

Rubbish. Phil Vickery, otherwise known as 'The Raging Bull' and Wasps team-mate, has been named as Captain - so that argument doesn't track - they'll have a good working relationship.

When Dallaglio comes onto the pitch, he brings an energy which invigorates his team-mates. He may be good at sledging his opponents, and that's part of the game, but he brings a passion which is palpable even from the stands.

From Brian Ashton: 'he's been totally the opposite. He's pulled the squad together when it's needed it and he's been incredibly supportive and positive, he has massive belief in what can be achieved and he just a real asset to us.'

If that's divisive, let's have more of that.

Lawrence's verdict? 'I always thought Will was a decent bloke. I'm not sure now'

Dallaglio signed my shirt